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IP Intelligence Monitoring include sophisticated, technology-oriented analysis-methods for both competition monitoring as well as technology related monitoring. Their results and applications far exceed classic monitoring of patenting activities and can be used to target strategic-technological questions. The wide application spectrum includes operative tasks in research & development, business development and/or risk management as well as transaction-oriented Due Diligence procedures in M&A and financial transactions.

With a variety of analysis tools LHIP brings transparency to the complex and often confusing business environment of patents. The indicators in the tools are to a high extent scientifically proven.

IP Competition Monitor

In addition to the customer specifications of already known economic competitors, competitive analyses are based, in particular on the determination of technological competitors using technological "foot prints". Our analyses are very different from standard market and thus commercially oriented research which is usually based on the analysis of purely economic data bases. Technological competitors are in particular those companies that have a similar technological positioning but for various reasons are (not) yet active as economic competitors on the client's market. But as we know, this can change rapidly.

IP Tech Monitor

The IP Tech Monitor surveys relevant areas of technology for certain target markets in terms of their structure and development. For instance, it regularly compiles comparative information about the application behavior in selected fields of technology. The fields of technology are analyzed for leading applicants/inventors, technological cooperation between companies/scientific institutions, and technological trends.

LHIP's analyses focus especially on identifying and tracking technological trends based on customer specifications and/or individually preselected relevant fields of technology. The identification of trend technologies using patent data is timed almost perfectly, as compared to market research (too late) and expert polls or analysis of technical magazines (too early). Patents are generally published before related products are actually introduced to the market. At the same time, a certain activity shows that specific investments were already made with the goal of placing corresponding products on the market.

The modular structure of our IP Intelligence services permits custom-made consulting services suiting the individual needs of each customer. Please contact us, we will be delighted to submit an individual offer.

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